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November 2015

Eavesdropping: Protection against Laser-Microphones

Newest Laser-Microphones are based on Interferometry and operates in the Near Infrared Band (NIR) at 790nm or in the Infrared Band (IR) at 1500nm.
With this technology it is possible to record conversation over 100 meters. Unlike conventional laser microphones they look for targets in the room (for example,
water glass, picture frames). With the new ARCtec TR 70 Film you can protect Windows and Glasses of office and conference areas against Laser-Microphones.
The robust Film can easily be retrofitted and has excellent light transmission values.
Datasheet: ARCtec TR7 [382 KB]


IT-Secure 4.0: Mini Data Centre DC IT Safe

At the exhibition CeBIT 2015 EMshield presented together with our partner RZ-Products GmbH
the Compact Modular Data Center DC IT Safe to the general public. DC IT Safe offers to less
than 2 square meters all essential physical protection measures such as Fire protection, intrusion protection,
explosion protection, etc. which also provide large data centres. Optionally the safe can also be protected against
electromagnetic attacks and Tempest.
Datasheet: DC IT Safe [437 KB]


News from REI ORION 2.4 HX

Our partner Research Electronics Intl. (REI) introduces the new ORION 2.4 HX. The ORION 2.4 HX is available
in 3.3-watt and 6.6-watt transmit power models. A completely new polycarbonate body includes a touchscreen display.
The ORION 2.4 HX is hand held and compact when retracted and can extend to a full length of 58 inches for investigating
hard to reach areas. The line of sight LED/OLED display provides visible feedback at any length.

Datasheet ORION 2.4 HX [1.781 KB]


July 2014

IT_security 4.0: DCS-Data Center Shielding

Data Center Shielding (DCS) offers for all data-centers and outdoor-containers the fitting shielding solution. For this solution EMshield draws on the extensive know how of our exclusive partner RZ-Products GmbH.

Download: Datasheet DCS [3.275 KB]


Juni 2014

EMshield buys SchirmTechnikNord GmbH in Hamburg,
the inventor and market leader of shielded windows and shielded glasses.

Shielded windows are a key component in building and eavesdropping-protected conference rooms.
With such glasses rooms can be designed, that a difference to standard rooms is hardly visible.
"The acquisition is crucial for us, as we have now all key technologies such as shielded doors, screened windows in our own production, says Markus Krautbauer from EMshield GmbH. " We expect a short-term improvment of internal business processes and long-term assurance of highest quality and thus a long-term success."


Mai 2014

Monitoring: Discrete recognition of mobile devices in Conference rooms.

With the Mobile Device Detection System (MDDS), mobile based devices can be discretly detected and located in a conference room. Furthermore it is prevented, that the conference participants can be located. The system consists of several spectrum analyzers which are networked. The evaluation software makes it also possible, to recognize past events over a waterfall display.

Download: Datasheet ARCtec MDDS [426 KB]


März 2014

Visit us at the leading trade fair for security and fire protection, Security Essen from 23-26 of September 2014
at the fairgrounds in Essen. You will find us in Hall 5, booth 220. We look forward to seeing you.


February 2014

Eavesdropping Protection:
Shielded High-Secure Case ARCtec Cell-Stop CS

ARCtec-Cell-Stop CS Cases are based on the principle of a Faraday cage. The cases are blocking all RF-signals. For example, a mobile device inside the case is unable to receive or transmit any signals, the device is blocked.

ARCtec-Cell-Stop CS offers the right protection for every application. Whether installed in an existing piece of furniture, as a stand-alone or mobile use, for each application there is a tailor made solution.

Datasheet ARCtec Cell-Stop CS [428 KB]

Technical Surveillance Counter Measurement:
ORION 2.4 now available

The new ORION™ 2.4 is currently the smallest and the most lightweight NLJD of its class on the market and the only device with a CE-mark. We will happy to serve you with our offer.

Datasheet ORION 2.4 [814 KB]

TSCM during construction works on
eavesdropping protected rooms:

For the quality and security of an Eavesdropping Protected Room (EPR), the quality of every individual subcontractor involved in the build of this room is crucial. The Installation of the security-equipment (HF-shielding, etc…) generally is associated with highly security minded companies (government security-checked companies and personnel, etc.), compared to general trades where the installations are carried out with very little emphasis on security.

To fill this security gap, EMshield is the first and only company that offers a technical surveillance measurement during the complete construction work phase of an eavesdropping protected room.

Datasheet ARCtec TSCM [366 KB]

October 2013

The new ORION2.4 Non-Linear Junction Detector.
Now with CE Approval for the European market.

The ORION is a state-of-the-art Non-Linear Junction Detector for detecting hidden electronic devices. A Non-Linear Junction Detector detects the presence of electronics, regardless of whether the electronic target is radiating, hard wired, or even turned off.

Datasheet ORION 2.4 [814 KB]


July 2013

Topics and news from the security industrie
Protection against international intelligence groups

Good Protection with structural, mechanical and electronic security
There are three ways to guarantee unauthorized access to privileged areas of a company or access to sensitive information: Structural, mechanical and electronic security is the way to counteract the attack. For several years, the installation of a bug proof room is astandard in companies with an essential Secure-strategy, to protect them from illegal eavesdropping. In such a room, the acoustic and electromagnetic waves are absorbed that it’s not possible to get information outwards.


December 2012

EMshield receives a 5-year framework agreement for the realization of passive and active eavesdropping protection for one of the largest global corporations.

Global security is in this day and age in our ultra-fast networking community more than ever a key competitive advantage. Therefore, the Knowhow and strategy protection is more and more a critical strategic issue for the global world corporations.
EMshield has designed in close collaboration with the client, a worldwide company-standard of protection against eavesdropping. The project will be provided on all exposed locations of the group and will be realized by the EMshield GmbH in the next 5 years.


November 2012

EMshield now offer the most spectacular construction time lapse movies - worldwide.With focus on details and emotional moments, time lapse movies are unrivalled

- 22 megapixel panTerra DSLR time lapse systems
- DSLR panorama time lapse systems (120 MP, fully automated)
- the entire technology installation and maintenance
- live webcam pictures
- automatic daily / weekly / monthly time lapse
- professional data management and storage on min 3 locations
- handmade high end HDTV (even more) time lapse production
- full service guarantee, worldwide
- german precision and reliability

professional documentation of your construction project

- razorsharp 22 megapixel live pictures
- zoom in without loss of quality
- integrate it in your website
- use it directly for presentations and prints

high end HDTV (and more) time lapse movies

- no boring flip-book clips but manually selected and professionally edited movies to impress your audience
- breathtaking marketing materials for optimum internal and external communication (events, internet, tv, print, ...)
- additional automatic time lapse movies for controlling purposes

access to media database

- zoom in pictures without loss of quality
- perfect for presentation and controlling purposes
- perfect for magazine prints and tv magazines



Oktober 2012

Successful presence at the Security show in Essen/ Germany.

At this year's twentieth Security fair in Essen, EMshield successfully presented our expanded product portfolio. With Innovative new products and developments EMshield could revive big interest.
The highlights were the new Smart shielded bag systems, [386 KB] which closed a important gap in forensic investigations for the latest smartphone Generations.

Furthermore in the Architectural Shielding Segment we could present our new Hybrid Shielded windows [594 KB] Technologie with a maximum of light transfer
by enhanced screening effectiveness and frequency range.

Completed is the new portfolio with the latest REI product in the active eavesdropping segment.
The new ORION [771 KB] 2,4 GHz carrier frequency detect smallest semiconductor technologies like smart cards and SIM successfully and reliably.

We would like to say thank you to all visitors for the great interest in our company and products. auf de


June/July 2012

EMshield receives a large order from the European Space Agency (ESA) under the European Galileo satellite program:

Positioning in outer space

The Galileo program is a joint initiative of the European Commission and the European Space Agency (ESA) with the intention of creating an independent global and civilian satellite navigation system for Europe.

Together with its forerunner EGNOS, the Galileo project is Europe's first real mission into the satellite-based navigation market.

The range of possible industry applications for Galileo is impressively wide, including: the financial sector, public health, agriculture and the environmental sector.For the transportation sector for example, it provides greater security, efficiency and comfort, with advanced technical features and market-oriented services.

EMshield is a european Company and is proud to contribute to the security of this mission.

see also:

Pictures: Courtesy of ESA



April 2012:

German software company invests in the Côte d'Azur

EMshield built for SAP special secure rooms for data transfers

The German software company SAP has opened in the Technology Park in Sophia-Antipolis (Alpes-Maritimes) two security rooms. This site is located on the Côte d'Azur in France. These cabins guarantee a secure access to sensitive customer datas in their facilities.

SAP Labs Managing Director Hanno Klaus Meier (right), Senator-Mayor Marc Daunis and Consul Marion Hinsberger inaugurate the new security rooms.
(see Photo)
Whether military, banks or public sector - in case of computer problems these companies don't like to public their data with external consultants.
The world's largest provider of business software, SAP is now offering a support site at Sophia-Antipolis, to login the remote diagnosis from this new security areas.
Data Spying of high sensitive data by unauthorized third parties is now nearly impossible.

see original german report from Mrs. Aila Stöckmann Riviera Zeitung

see also: NICEMATIN rooms.pdf secure [753 KB]



March 2012:

Professional article in the German magazine ElektronikPraxis Nr.5-2012

How can we protect sensitive corporate data from unauthorized access ?



January 2012:

The new Shielding System Arctec of EMshield offer a solution for every requirement, with flexible and finely tuned shielding components.
More are available at:

- ARCtec Flex

- ARCtec Cube

- ARCtec Mobil

- ARCtec Interior



November 2011:NOW AVAILABLE - The NEW Exportable OSCOR Green Spectrum Analyzer

The OSCOR Green was developed for international export and requires no export license. OSCOR Green is designed for commercial applications to detect illicit eavesdropping signals, perform site surveys for communication systems, conduct radio frequency (RF) emissions analysis, and investigate misuse of the RF spectrum.

The OSCOR Green Spectrum Analyzer sweeps 24GHz in 1 second quickly detecting transmitting electronic surveillance devices. OSCOR Green's unique integrated auto switching antenna system requires no extra antennas or cables. At 9.6lbs/4.4kg, OSCOR Green is portable and convenient to operate. The 8.4in/21.3 cm high resolution touch screen display puts "drag" and "move" controls at your finger tips.
OSCOR Green AdvantagesFast: scans 24GHz in 1 second ensuring spectrum activity is captured (2,000,000 data points per second)
Does not require additional antennas: built-in auto switching antenna system to 24 GHz means no additional antennas or cables are required
Touch screen pan, zoom, drag and move
Portable and lightweight:
weighs only 9.6lbs/4.4kg
2-3 hour run time on battery
Quickly identify localized RF energy transmissions of all types of modulation
Easily Map RF Traces:
Reference and target traces are quickly captured, stored, and compared (including differences) for rapid analysis
Quickly Generate Signal lists Spectrogram (Waterfall) Display generates spectrogram of receiver traces over time
Provides bench-top Spectrum Analyzer capabilities in portable design specifically for RF security surveys
Built in demodulators: AM, FM, SSB, Sub-carrier, and video (displayed on screen) IF output, 25MHz wide centered at 75MHz Real-time frequency update and display while simultaneously demodulating Touch screen interface Built-in software (no separate laptop required)

Marketing Characteristics

Frequency: 8GHz Model = 50kHz to 8GHz
Frequency: 24GHz Model = 50kHz to 24GHz
Displayed Average Noise Level (DANL) (25kHz Resolution Bandwidth)
Without Preamp = -100dBm
With Preamp = -110dBm
Sweep Speed: 24GHz/second
Preamp: DC-8GHz = 10dB
Attenuation: DC-24GHz = 0dB, -10dB, -20dB, -30dB
Dynamic Range:
Min/Max Range: 90dB
SFDR: 80dB
Demodulation Types: AM, FM
Filters Sizes: 800 kHz, 200kHz, 12.5kHz, 6.25 kHz, 2kHz
Subcarrier Filters: 6.25kHz, 12.5kHz, 200kHz
Headphone Output (low leakage headphones included)
Built-in Speakers
Demodulation: AM, FM
Filter Sizes: 12.75MHz, 6.375MHz,
Subcarrier Filters: 6.25kHz, 12.5kHz, 200kHz
Built in Auto Switching Antenna System:
Frequency: 8GHz Model (OGR-8) = 100kHz to 8GHz
24GHz Model (OGR-24) = 100kHz to 24GHz
Aux RF In: 50kHz to 8GHz
IF Out: 25 MHz wide centered at 75 MHz
Baseband Out: DC – 6MHz
Expansion: Aux control port for MPP
Integrated Touch Screen with 8.4” Display
Soft Keys and Rotary Optical Encoder
USB Port (A type): for peripherals (Keyboard, Mouse)
Line In
Universal Power Supply included: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz
Removable Battery: Rechargeable Lithium ion, 2-3 hour runtime
Dimensions: 11.5in x 13.2in x 3.0in (29.2cm x 33.5cm x 7.6cm)
Weight with Battery: 9.6lbs (4.4 kg)
Case Dimensions: 5.4in x 14.9in x 19.5in (14cm x 37.8cm x 49.5cm)
Loaded Case Weight: 21.0lbs (9.5kg)Operating Temperature: 0°C to +50°C

further info's:
Oscor "Green"Datasheet [1.051 KB]


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